Chapter 7. Wandering What I Am Going To Do With My Life

Posted on April 28, 2017


Wandering what I am going to do with my life

I realised it was time to really work out what it is that I love doing, not what I’m good at. If I could buy myself some time to figure this out, then I could spend my time doing more of what I think I love doing and see if it’s for me.

This, combined with the sleepless nights worrying about how I was going to afford to live, coupled with fears my Mum was going to get like, really really sick, alongside a good old dose of healthy job-seekers and career changer fear, and I did what anyone would do. Switched off my phone, and turned on the TV. I ignored the problem.

I spent January on the sofa doing very little other than escaping my own head and visiting the benefits office. But one thing I did do, was secure myself enough Airbnb bookings till June to mean I could just about afford to live until June without any additional income. So I bought myself that much needed time (and freedom) to figure out a life plan.

Answering the question, what am I going to do with my life?

There is nothing like a change of scene to help the creative juices start flowing, and I was able to orchestrate an overseas trip to India for 2 weeks in February. This sounds indulgent and expensive – it was indulgent, but wasn’t expensive. If you catch my drift. I got an interest free credit card, bought a cheap flight (£300) and I stayed with a friend for free. One must not underestimate the importance, and fuck-it-ness of a routine-breaking trip overseas.

It saved me, and it probably has saved many another job seeker or career changer at a time, especially after the January Blues, when it is needed the most.

In India I spent my time training and coaching a group of incredible women on how to start businesses, and it made me realise how much I love delivering start-up training. It was the bit I have started to enjoy the most about the work that I do, I am told I am good at it, and in this instance I wasn’t bogged down doing a million and one other things alongside the training and programme management, such as running the business, or doing the taxes, or managing programme staff in other countries; that I was able to really give it my attention and focus.

On the last day of training my mind was buzzing, the energy in the room was electric and we knew we’d done a good job. It was hugely satisfying, and in that moment I knew what I was going to do. When I got back to the UK, I created my new Enterprise Programme Manager CV and started doing research into the organisations who run Enterprising training programmes. This was something I could really envision myself doing for many years to come. I didn’t want to be CEO of spaghetti inc. I wanted to help other people start businesses, using my coaching skills and core business knowledge – it was perfect!

That’s it, well done for sticking throughout my 7 day update of the last 6 months, it means a lot to know someone was reading my adventures, and if any of it has proven helpful feel free to leave a comment!

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