I am a 30-something year old digital nomad cultivating the dream life, after a lifetime of depression, anxiety, addictive behaviours and unhealthy relationships!

For a really long time I was miserable. I found myself working for one of the world’s biggest newspapers, earning alright money and living a fast paced lifestyle – but found myself having anxiety attacks on the way into work and then an hour later I’d be delivering a boardroom presentation to 20 people. It got too much. I suddenly quit one day with no idea of what I was going to do . I got a job in a pub. This was my new start! Got fired after a week. Things were bleak. But here I am 6 years later running my own business that helps other aspiring career breakers to discover their dream career. And I have not looked back since!I Like the smell of new things

One of my biggest influences is one of the world’s biggest moments in contemporary history. In 2004 I was woken up by the first Tsunami wave as it rolled in under my beach hut (thankfully on tall stilts) in Ko Lanta in Thailand. This event made me feel so incredibly lucky to be alive, and I made a vow to myself to live my life to the full and to never have any regrets! And boy has it been an adventure.

I’ve worked in the Caribbean, Kenya, Rio de Janeiro, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. I’ve worked for some really high profile people; plus entrepreneurs who are changing the world of the better. And found myself in some of the most surreal circumstances with people I would never have imagined I could meet or hang out with! I’ve only ever gotten bored when I go against the grain and sit still for a while, and settle.


The view from one of my many bedrooms, this one was in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka.

Bubbling underneath it all i’ve been battling a darkness that I couldn’t understand. For a long time I would party hard enough to avoid ‘going there’…. only this merely served to delay the inevitable, make me more depressed, more anxious and more ready to give in to that controllable urge to end it all once and for all.

solitary quote

The last 5 years I’ve been learning how to live a COMPLETELY different life: one of meditation, exercise, good choices, clean living and being predominantly alone – by that I mean being single but dating, and having a healthy relationship with myself. But then I became addicted to work, and found myself burning out on more than one occasion.

The unifying theme for me when it comes to love, life, career and the universe is “defying the status quo”. This for me is not living the life that we were told we have to live, which we inherited from a different generation. I’m all about doing things differently. I am pleased to say I’ve not worked in an office for 3 years; I travel frequently to incredible places, staying in lovely boutique hotels and unique homes I could never afford to live in, I meet amazing people all the time, and get to do pretty much anything I want, whenever I want!

and the winner is


I started this blog 4.5 years ago to have an outlet during a particularly troubling time. I needed somewhere I could write the truth about what it meant to be a high functioning, career driven woman, who was drowning in her own fears. I won some blog awards and since then I’ve continued to document the highs and lows of living my life, charting my journey of self awareness – and that ultimate goal: to find real love, which I discovered starts with yourself. Allowing for some cheeky fun along the way.

I now write in order to help others who were lost just like me, find their purpose. I hope that my own experiences shared, can go some way to short-cutting other people’s own life adventures when it comes to love, career, ‘the universe’ and of course, relationships.

Sign up to my mailing list if you’d like to receive my posts. I have not been the greatest with consistency, but I’ll typically write every couple of weeks, at least once a month, so it shouldn’t be an intrusion but something you look forward to. I hope you might discover something that sparks a small change, but be warned: it may cause an avalanche.

Good luck & THANK YOU for reading!


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  1. Hi, i’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award.

  2. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Inventive Blogger Award. Please click on the link for further details. http://alygeorges.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/the-inventive-blogger-award/ Congratulations! 🙂 I hope you accept it because you really deserve it.


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