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Chapter 5. Learning How To Let Go.

April 23, 2017


Learning how to let go. The trouble with learning how to let go, is that it really sucks to do so. Acknowledging to yourself that people you care about, and perhaps hadn’t yet realised weren’t going to be a part of your life anymore, who are trying to phase you out of their life, hurts. […]

Why do you read my blog?

November 4, 2016


If you have so much as even read just half of one of my posts in the last 4 years, I would just love (!)┬áto know why you still follow me …..other than that you just haven’t gotten around to un-following me yet….. ­čśë I’m writing a book you see. I don’t screen what I […]

The Waiting Game

October 29, 2016


You’re my perfect guy and i’m your perfect girl. At least, that’s what i’m sure you’d be thinking after seeing the dash of dried soy sauce on my chin and nose like I noticed just now in the mirror. Look at me – the audacity! It was just one kiss, and now we are moving […]

A Psychic & A Love Letter

October 26, 2016


I have been working with a Psychic advisor/coach recently (yes, I know this sounds a little bizarre!) but I can’t stress enough how she just seems to know so much about my life and the people I care about, without me hardly telling her a thing. It’s quite amusing how it works, I drop her […]

3 Key Rules for Dating Success

September 5, 2016


I went on my first date with a stranger in a while last night having recently ended a lovely relationship because i’m no longer in the country of said lovely person. It’s time to move on. I joined the app Bumble, and off I went bumbling around meeting lots of interesting men (and one or […]

What a crisis can teach you about love

May 7, 2016


This last two weeks i’ve been in a crisis. Firstly, it was one of those odd ones – you know when you’re thinking, is this PMS? Or am I ┬áhomesick? Like, what is WRONG with me? I knew I was being weird. My current beau, a lovely young man i’ve been seeing for around 3 […]

Oh love, here you are again my Muse

March 30, 2016


The desire to control my emotions is strong, the freedom I have to love is vast and the uncontrollable self-preservation that’s come back again, has dampened┬áthe spark. Anyone know what I’m talking about? I have the ability, like many, to over complicate things when it comes to falling in love. Just as much as I […]