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Chapter 4. Friendships & Acquaintances

April 22, 2017


Friendship & Acquaintances. Friends come and go, some people come in and out of your life, and some stick around forever. Either way, when the people who matter to you drop off the radar or treat you in a way that suggests that they don’t hold that friendship as dear as you might, then it […]

Chapter 3. My first University lecture.

April 21, 2017


My first University lecture. In the same week as Death and Micro Romance, I delivered my first student lectures at a university in London. It was exhilarating, I enjoyed the classroom setting, I was nervous as hell, grieving but trying not to, anxious and well, a bit down and tired. I was having a stressful […]

Why do you read my blog?

November 4, 2016


If you have so much as even read just half of one of my posts in the last 4 years, I would just love (!) to know why you still follow me …..other than that you just haven’t gotten around to un-following me yet….. 😉 I’m writing a book you see. I don’t screen what I […]

Nourishing the Soul: The Top 10 Things I Love To Do

October 4, 2016


Cultivating the dream life comes down largely in part to the work you do on nourishing the soul. It’s fun to think about – and even more fun to do! Use this as inspiration to think about what nourishing the soul means for you. What do you currently do that means you act lovingly towards […]

Why it’s called Falling…(in love)

March 29, 2016


I’ve got vertigo. I feel physically sick. I head back to London with a heavy heart. It doesn’t feel great. Two months ago, someone chose me. They approached in a club, they liked me, wanted to get to know me. Thought I was cute. I dismissed him initially, then immediately felt sad which felt strange. […]

I am a fraud. A fraud in tears.

November 8, 2014


I don’t get it. I’ve been doing so well. Yet here I am wrapped in a towel, and I can’t stop crying. Not big fat chunky crying. Worse. Pathetic, wimpering, almost dry tears. It’s like my body doesn’t think I deserve actual tears, and my ducts are saying ‘FUCK YOU! Stop being such a wimp. It’s […]

Depression: everyone’s talking about it

October 22, 2014


You noticed? Everyone’s coming out. It feels less like this big scary shameful thing. I love it 🙂 People are getting kudos for being honest about their panic attacks and their social anxieties or self harming or drug or alcohol addictions. I have really struggled this October with a few things actually, which just shows […]