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The Double Chapter: Hospital Visits & NYE

April 24, 2017


Hospital visits. In December my Mum got sick. It worsened towards New Year, and I sprung a surprise visit on her in hospital, which in turn surprised me. Her ward was full with 4 very sick ladies who were in advanced stages of liver disease. One died whilst she was in that ward. Two others […]

Exploring Trauma via Inner Child Work

June 20, 2016


Most of us have an inner child, trapped inside of us, caught there emotionally from a period of our lives where some sort of trauma took place. We carry this toxic shame around with us and it often isn’t until we’re adults, and our lives aren’t quite playing out the way we imagined they would, that […]

The link between loneliness and writing

May 24, 2015


There’s something intoxicating about the thought of being in a man’s arms, nestled in the cracks and crevices. Cocoon-like. In the womb. Being busy is great, it means thoughts are fleeting. Often temporary. Or less overwhelming. I dunno. But then when you get caught resting in your own spare room whilst you have Airbnb guests […]

Being the best version of you

October 10, 2014


Have you ever thought someone came into your life to help make you a better person? I have one such friend, who I think has played a major role in my journey to being just that. I saw him the other day. First time in a year. Was intense, but not in the way it […]