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Chapter 2: A Micro Romance

April 20, 2017


A Micro Romance. We’d shared a first kiss in his car a few nights before my birthday. Ah-ha! So this ‘love-at-first-sight’ thing still exists, I thought. He was cute and funny, and it was more than lust as we bonded about being in the same place our lives. He got my angst, shared my quest […]

Buckle in for a ride through the previous 6 months of my life

April 19, 2017


I’ve not written on here in 5 months. Truth be told, i’ve not been able to write. You ever slip into a black hole, grateful to breathe? This hasn’t been depression in the classic sense. Let’s imagine a shallower, shadier breeze that lurks in the shadows. But sure, you can feel a gust from time to time. But you […]

Why do you read my blog?

November 4, 2016


If you have so much as even read just half of one of my posts in the last 4 years, I would just love (!) to know why you still follow me …..other than that you just haven’t gotten around to un-following me yet….. 😉 I’m writing a book you see. I don’t screen what I […]

The Halloween Ghost

October 31, 2016


I experienced my own ghost this halloween. I don’t really know what to say. Things seemed great. I met a great guy. He said that proximity didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. He seemed to be chasing me and we had lively, wonderful conversations that put smiles on our faces. It’s pretty perplexing when […]

A Psychic & A Love Letter

October 26, 2016


I have been working with a Psychic advisor/coach recently (yes, I know this sounds a little bizarre!) but I can’t stress enough how she just seems to know so much about my life and the people I care about, without me hardly telling her a thing. It’s quite amusing how it works, I drop her […]

I can’t believe it

October 23, 2016


I can’t believe it. I have fallen head over heels, blindly, terrifyingly, and very quickly into something with a possible wonderful someone. But it can’t be blindly. I don’t want it to be. I want to go in with intrepid consideration, ok perhaps a little trippin an’ fallin but into something with my eyes WIDE OPEN. I […]

Nourishing the Soul: The Top 10 Things I Love To Do

October 4, 2016


Cultivating the dream life comes down largely in part to the work you do on nourishing the soul. It’s fun to think about – and even more fun to do! Use this as inspiration to think about what nourishing the soul means for you. What do you currently do that means you act lovingly towards […]